1) I am a full initiate.

It has taken me thirty years of my life, it has cost me tens of thousands
of dollars and it has taken me through several dangerous and demanding adventures to get to where I am.

My training has set me free from the desires that rule the lives of almost
all those who live in the world at this time.

There are about six thousand of us - spread out around the face of the planet Earth - who are able to see how humanity is trapped in a mad cycle of obsessively generating desires and compulsively seeking their satisfaction and in the process overpopulating the planet Earth, rapidly exhausting its resources, polluting it and causing its global warming.

Just a few of us, perhaps a hundred or so, are able to identify the dynamics that have given rise to this meaningless cycle that holds captive
the whole of the human species and threatens to destroy this planet that
has given birth to life.

Just about a dozen of us are aware of an alternate direction in which the
human species can be guided.

I am one of them.

We have initiated a global search for the six thousand.

We are linking them up to form a global network that can function as a
global perceptual mechanism and global strategic guidance system that can guide humanity into a new perceptual paradigm that will allow a new civilization with meaningful objectives to emerge and supercede the current one.

I have no name, I know no home, I am not my body, my mind, or my soul.

I have always been, just as you have too.

You can know it, and live it,

if you choose so too.