Most people see themselves as objects in a world that is a collection of objects created by a creator or creators and coming to an end in time. This way of seeing themselves and the world is the Dominant Perceptual Paradigm that has infested the Human Perceptual Apparatus, captivated the Human Species and now rules the World.

This Dominant Perceptual Paradigm generates a civilization based on the dynamics of obsessively generating desires that demand the compulsive search for their satisfaction in the process of which raw materials are consumed at an increasing pace and our environment is polluted causing critical situations such as global warming and resource depletion which we face today.

However from ancient times there has always been a small number of people who are able to see the world differently. They see the world as an endless and infinite process that proceeds along the paths of its own perception, and they see themselves as being amongst the many perceptual mechanisms evolved by this process in order to perceive and determine the direction of its own becoming.

Their numbers seem to be increasing and they are linking up to form a global network that may function both as a larger collective perceptual mechanism and as a strategic guidance system housed in structures of silicone and carbon and having both self regenerating and evolutionary capacities.

Some of these people set up systems of teaching and training aimed at facilitating the shift from the Dominant Perceptual Paradigm to this Unitive one which we call The Synthetist Vision.

The Synthetist Vision generates a civilization which has the constant perception of potential and the conservation of resources and their dedication towards the guidance of this process towards the realization of perceived potential, as its goal. Its behavior is organically linked with that of its environment ensuring that the waste products of its systems form the raw material for other systems.

It generates a community of Guides, Mentors, Masters, Sages, Missionaries and Ministers who attend to these tasks.

If you wish to be one of them and serve as a node of the emerging global network, contact us at